Shadow Picture for Dad

By Team Macaroni - City of Pittsburgh June 13, 2024

This portrait gift is simply put -- easy peasy and dad will LOVE it!!

You will need:

poster board, cardstock or foam board


Using posterboard, cardstock or a sturdier prop, cut or carve out the letters to the message you want to send. You can write out the letters as normal. No need to turn them inside out or backwards!

Notes To Selves: 
Don't use paper.
I tried paper first and found it entirely too flimsy in the wind outside. 

So we moved on to what I had in my garage. Foam board! *no one ever said Momma isn't resourceful.*  

So I carved out our message "We (HEART) Daddy" using a kitchen knife and some print out letters. You can do the same with some foam board bought at your local big name box store. Poster board will even work. 

Notes To Selves: 
Keeping the letters in tact. 

I had to keep the interior of the letters in tact on such letters as , "D, A and E" and I did this by creating a little lifeline from the edge of the letter to the interior piece. It barely showed up in the shadow pic and looked fabulous. I also used tooth pics to reattach the piece when I accidentally cut it off :) Can you see my little "lifelines" in the image above?

 Once you have all of your message carved out, give one piece to each child, line them up accordingly and have them hold up the message.


You might have to play around with the order of the words to get the right picture depending on where the sun is that day etc. I did!

Whoops! Let's try again!

Print it out, frame it and stick a bow on it It's truly awesome isn't it? Have fun!